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Campaign: St George's Churchyard

Please support our campaign to save the trees of St. Georges Churchyard by writing to planning@leicester.gov.uk quoting their ref. 20171911.

The proposed loss of 21 mature trees, two of them subject to the Tree Preservation Order, represents one third of tree cover in the churchyard and would have an adverse effect on St. Georges Conservation Area, of which the church and churchyard are the central features. An ever-changing perception of enclosure is all important to the changing views as one walks through the conservation area, and the loss of so many trees in the churchyard would have a very damaging effect on this, creating an open space where one had not existed before.


We are informed that seven of these trees pose a threat to the church. But how? Trees posing a threat to the church were removed only three years ago. Planning consent for application 20121485 was granted on 12th December 2012. This was for the removal of 13 trees threatening to the church, largely by virtue of leaf fall blocking gutters and drains. Works to an additional 51 trees were undertaken at the same time. No mention was made of the further seven trees now cited as “threatening” the church. Why? In what way are they threatening? Press statements released repeatedly refer to the churchyard existing as “gloomy” and “oppressive”. No justification is given for such inaccurate and biased remarks.


The loss of trees would also have an extremely adverse effect on local biodiversity and is therefore counter to the Leicester City Council Biodiversity Action Plan. Trees provide a natural habitat for a wide range of plants and animals. Along with Castle Gardens, ancient churchyards such as St. Georges are the only such environments in Leicester City Centre and there could be a loss of habitat for mammal, insect and bird populations with the adoption of any proposals involving unacceptable tree loss. Rather than tree loss Leicester City Council should be working towards the enhancement of such City Centre wooded environments, as they are committed to by their Biodiversity Action Plan. There is a sad tendency for urban designers to treat trees as inconveniently placed items of street furniture that can be removed at will. They are not. Trees are living things and they support living things in a complex interdependence that is also vital for our own wellbeing.


Following the recent controversy over loss of trees at De Montfort Hall, City Councillors committed themselves to a ‘Green Space Protocol’. The proposals at St. George’s Churchyard make no reference to this commitment. This is only the latest example at the churchyard where Councillors have said one thing but are doing another.

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1. Email LCC Planning

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