Leicester Civic Society
Chairman's Report April 2017

11 April 2017


1. SKITTLES AT WIGSTON: A highly successful social event on 31 March. There was a large crowd. Wigston won (again - but only just!) but we split the raffle proceeds 50/50. Many thanks to Wigston Civic Society for organising.

2. 2016 AWARDS: 07 April. A glittering occasion. Michaela Butter was the perfect Guest of Honour and said some very nice things about us. It was a pleasure to be able to thank Naresh Parmar and Jamie Lewis for their support. Also our own team, Peter, Howard, Richard, Ann, Michele, Olwen, Geoffrey and Stu for their enthusiasm and commitment. Finally making it upstairs to the Georgian Ballroom made all the difference and the food and service were as excellent as ever. I shall be very much surprised if we don’t gain new members out of this, as everyone appeared much impressed and there was a considerable uptake of leaflets. The 2017 Awards Presentation and Dinner will be held on Friday 13th April 2018. Put the date in your diaries now.

3. EVINGTON FOOTPATH CONSERVATION AREA. Following the debacle over 36 St. James Road reported at our last meeting, I am to make a presentation on 12 April at what will hopefully be a meeting to establish an Evington Footpath Conservation Area Society. It is Civic Society policy to openly encourage and support individual conservation societies in residential conservation areas. Experience shows that there is much more these societies can achieve in protection of their local historic environment than can often be achieved by a civic society that has the whole city to deal with.

4. MEMBERSHIP DRIVE. As you will be aware the Society will not now support the Art-House event in June. I am therefore aiming for publicity in “The Street” as soon as possible. They inform me that the next vacant space on the front cover is in November and I have booked this to coincide with the publication of “Leicester Citizen”.

5. PUBLIC SPEAKING AT PLANNING COMMITTEE. At their meeting on 05 April a motion was introduced to allow developers to speak at meetings even when objectors are not to speak. Although this originated with the usual suspects inside City Planning, I can see no cause for immediate concern. If objectors are not to speak against a proposal it is presumably either satisfactory or not sufficiently dangerous to do so. The important principle that objectors are allowed the final word when they chose to speak is to be maintained. The real concern is that this may extend the length of meetings that can already be over long.

6. NEW WALK & THE GEORGIAN NEW TOWN: 29 April: Bookings are open, including Visit Leicester, and publicity is out. We have sold eight so far, so get those leaflets out.

7. LEYLAND HISTORICAL SOCIETY: 01 May. Visit to Leicester. They have a coach party of 50 and are doing King Richard III in the morning. At 2.45 they are being split into two groups. I shall do “Ancient Leicester” from the Guildhall to Jewry Wall and Jennifer will do “Roman Leicester” including the baths site. Proceeds 50/50 split with Friends of Jewry Wall Museum.

8. ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING: All are reminded of our 46th AGM at 7.30 on 03 May at the Ramada Hotel, Charles Street. Officers reports to me in good time please. This is before our May committee meeting for the first time, so there will be no further meetings between now and the AGM. All please note.

9. ICKWORTH TOUR: 13 May. 18 bookings to date. Only three seats remain on the coach. Please book now to avoid disappointment. We need to fill the coach to break even.

For your further info:

  • “Maintenance Matters”: 18 March. I attended the SPAB seminar on the maintenance of historic buildings with particular reference to Greyfriars THI. This was a highly constructive and well run event with considerable networking. In the afternoon we visited sites in Greyfriars and the Market Place. SPAB intend to repeat both this and their seminar held last November, commencing later this year. Worth watching out for.

  • 23 March. Jennifer and I had an initial meeting with the Arts & Museums Service on the City Centenary Celebrations proposed for 2019. The Society may be closely involved in a HLF Bid for funding, as we did with “Magna Carta 800” in 2015.

  • 13 April: Greyfriars: Meeting to discuss the proposed “Past & Present Trade Directory”.

  • 24 April: Heritage Partnership. Jewry Wall Museum.

I have a copy of the new “Quality of Leicester” available at a discounted price of £12. If anyone is interested, please let me know.

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