Leicester Civic Society
Chairman's Report May 2017

09 May 2017

121. CHAIRMAN’S REPORT: 09 MAY 2017.

1. EVINGTON FOOTPATH CONSERVATION AREA. I have been invited to chair the inaugural public meeting of Evington Footpath Conservation Area Society at St. James Church Hall on Thursday 15 June at 7.00 pm. The formation of a conservation area society will be a bold step by local residents and Evington Footpath will thereby join Stoneygate, Belgrave Hall and Knighton in having their own society. As with the other societies we shall be doing all we can to work with and support them.

2. NEW WALK and THE GEORGIAN NEW TOWN: 29 April: Peter and Leigh had 15 bookings for this guided walk. Well done. (Very well done to Peter who managed the whole thing on a crutch following his recent accident)

3. LEYLAND HISTORICAL SOCIETY: 01 May. They had 47 for their visit to Leicester. Richard III Visitor Centre and Leicester Cathedral in the morning. In the afternoon Jennifer took half on “Roman Leicester” whilst I took the other half on “Ancient Leicester Part II” from the Guildhall to Jewry Wall Museum. Both parties met up at the museum for tea and toilets before catching their coach home. Thank you Jennifer.

4. ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING: 03 May at the Ramada Hotel, Charles Street. Thank you to all who came along but it was a rather poor turn out. I am open to bright ideas to improve on this in future years. Is it too short? Is it too boring? Let me know what you think. Providing the formal business is dealt with properly the evening can be anything you want.

5. ICKWORTH TOUR: 13 May. 18 bookings to date. Only three seats remain on the coach. Please book now. We need to fill the coach to break even.

6. HERITAGE PARTNERSHIP: Moved to Monday 22 May. I shall be on holiday so we need a volunteer to go along and represent the society. Don’t be shy!

7. HERITAGE FAIR and HERITAGE OPEN DAYS: Lots of publicity is out for the 2017 Heritage Fair on Saturday 27 May, 10.00 am to 4.00 pm at Bishop Street Methodist Church and volunteers are now needed.

Following the visit to Iskcon last November they will be exhibiting at the Heritage Fair and have invited us to exhibit for all four days Heritage Open Days, Thursday 07 to Sunday 10 September. This will be fully advertised in July Leicester Citizen.

As with last year we will need to move the exhibition and banner about, and I therefore suggest:

Saturday 27 May 09.30 am

Peter to deliver to Bishop Street.

Saturday 27 May 4.00 pm

Howard to collect from Bishop Street.

Thursday 07 September 09.45 am

Howard to deliver to Iskcon.

Sunday 10 September 4.00 pm

Peter to collect from Iskcon

We have the brand new exhibition that I originally created for the Awards presentation. Jennifer has purchased a further supply of sticky pads as we were running out.

8. GUIDED WALKS: “City of the Dead” Saturday 17 June, is fully booked and I have instructed Visit Leicester to stop taking bookings. I have a training session with Peter on Sunday 04 June. Bookings for “Civil War” on Saturday 05 August are now open.

9. LEICESTER CITIZEN: I present to story so far. There is still a lot to do but publication will be on Saturday 01 July.

For your further info:

  • I am to give “Campaigning We Will Go” to Loughborough Local Studies Group on Thursday 25 May.

  • I have been invited to attend an exhibition launch at Attenborough Arts on Friday 09 June

  • All please note I shall be on holiday in America from 17 to 23 May inclusive.
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