Leicester Civic Society
Chairman's E-newsletter October 2017 #126

11 October 2017

1. 20151948: THE BLACK BOY: There will be a Public Hearing on 24 October at the Town Hall.
It is still my intention to attend and speak on behalf of the importance of the Local List to
Leicester. Solicitors for the developer have informed me of further drawings deposited with the
City Council that are claimed to answer the reasons for refusal. However I am not interested in
these as the developer would still need to demolish the existing building to implement them.
See Leicester Citizen forthcoming.
2. 20171396: GARDEN STREET ISLAND: Live campaign on our website. I have objected on
our behalf. Cllr Clarke, as Heritage Champion, has also given welcome support, contacting
Historic England, and also English Heritage for information on the Birmingham Back-to-Backs
that are in their guardianship. See Leicester Citizen forthcoming.
3. 20171685: METROBANK: Ghastly application to further mutilate the corner of Haymarket and
Humberstone Gate. As if it wasn’t bad enough! This would isolate the Clock Tower in front of a
most hideous two storey screen. Ena has submitted a first rate letter of objection. These
proposals are so bad they make the word ‘ugly’ appear a term of endearment.
4. 20171830/31 & 1930: CHURCH OF ST. SAVIOUR: Restoration of Scott’s great church by the
Redeemed Christian Church of God, as discussed at my successful meeting with RCCG and
the Church Commissioners in May. Although three TPO trees are to be lost I consider this to be
a small price to pay for the magnificent aims of this project and I have written in support. 1930 is
for similar restoration of Stockdale Harrison’s adjoining church hall, that I could have been
previously persuaded was beyond repair. See Leicester Citizen forthcoming.
5. 20171911: ST, GEORGE’S CHURCHYARD: Live campaign on our website. I have objected
on our behalf. Friends of The Earth have objected to the loss of trees on environmental
grounds, Historic England’s Inspector of Historic Buildings & Areas has expressed serious
concerns over proposed alterations to boundary walls and fencing that are within the curtilage of
the listed building, the City Archaeologist has urged caution and finally it appears that
gravestones cannot be moved as they are subject to a restrictive covenant. In other words the
whole project is clumsy and ill-conceived. The City Council have wasted eleven months that
should have been spent negotiating with the various bodies over environmental and heritage
concerns to ensure everybody was happy before they took the plunge. We call on Leicester City
Council to withdraw this proposal and have a serious rethink. See Leicester Citizen forthcoming.
6. MEMBERSHIP DRIVE: Front page advert in “The Street” for November, to coincide with the
November issue of Leicester Citizen, has been submitted.
Following the success of HOD’s last month, Gordon and I have agreed to print extra copies of
the November and March Citizen so that back issues can be used to promote membership at
future Annual Heritage Fairs in May and Heritage Open Days in September.
Emma is working on attracting further supporters using Facebook.
I have written to members yet to renew. With three weeks to go the non-renewal rate is down to
5.9%, which is extremely good. If we can get it below 5 I think this will be a record.
7. LEICESTER GEORGIAN GROUP: 11 September: Michele and I attended a meeting in The
Globe Inn organised by members of the Greyfriars THI Project. We agreed to establish an
informal group, which will aim to hold ‘events’ every three months. I volunteered our guided
walk, “New Walk and the Georgian New Town” and our illustrated talk “Dr. Johnson’s jaunt
through Georgian Leicester”.
8. KINGS LYNN TOUR: 16 September: 19 on the 21-seater coach. Everyone loved Kings Lynn
and occasional bursts of rain did little to dampen our enthusiasm for this beautiful old town.
9. CROWDFUNDING: 20 September: I attended a meeting at City Hall, which was hosted
enthusiastically by the City Mayor. Crowdfunding is a brilliant way to finance community projects
but the degree of individual commitment needed to make it work, means that I do not think it is
for us. Our existing human resources are stretched enough.
10. 2017 ANNUAL DINNER : 06 October: Sixteen members met up at the Wygston House. The
food and service were excellent and the setting was a vast improvement on 1573. We had a
large and beautiful room to ourselves and the table was wide (6 chairs X 2 chairs) so that
everyone could talk to everyone else. Many thanks to Leigh for organising.
11. LEICESTER CITIZEN: Over three quarters complete and on target for publication on 01
November. Should be 10,000-ish words. Main articles on New Walk cycling, St. George’s
Churchyard, The 2017 Awards, Leicester Cathedral Revealed, Garden Street Island, Leicester
Georgian Group, The Black Boy, Winstanley House and Western Park. Bookings open for
“Medieval Streets at Christmas” on 30 December and the “Mid-Winter Meet Up” on 02 February,
which are now also advertised on the website and through Facebook.
For your further info:
14 September: I was given an excellent tour of the Cathedral to further elucidate the Cathedral
Revealed Project. See Leicester Citizen forthcoming.
10 October: Winstanley House: I have been invited to attend the opening ceremony, to be by Sir
Peter Soulsby. See Leicester Citizen forthcoming.
11 October: I have been invited to attend a presentation on the Economic Impact Assessment
of Leicester Cathedral Revealed. This will be a vital stage for the Cathedral’s major fund raising
13 November: Heritage Partnership: Next meeting. No details yet.
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