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Chairman's E-newsletter January 2018 #129

09 January 2018


1. 20171911: ST. GEORGE’S CHURCHYARD: The application is to go before Planning Committee on 10 January with a recommendation for approval. We have clearly, consistently and very publicly opposed this over the last eighteen months. I shall attend to see what happens and support anyone who wishes to speak but I shall not be speaking myself. As this is a City Council proposal to be decided by a City Council committee, with a recommendation for approval by the City Council, I consider that publicly speaking out at this late stage would be a waste of my time. We have done everything possible to prevent this inappropriate scheme.

2. TREE STRATEGY: Draft Tree Strategy published with a deadline for comment to The City Mayor by End-January. I have yet to study this in detail but am concerned that it may simply incorporate the Council’s current Tree Policy without improvement. If its implementation would fail to protect against another St. George’s Churchyard I shall condemn it. The St. George’s Churchyard proposal is being pushed through, though it was the subject of a faulty public consultation that was immediately shot down by the Scrutiny Commission on the day it was published. With an improved Tree Strategy this shambles should never happen again. All parkland - such as Victoria Park and every other park in the city - should have its status as being on the National Register of Historic Parks and Gardens, or as a non-designated heritage asset, clearly confirmed and as such better protected. Park trees, street trees and others lost by any means should be replaced like-for-like in the immediate vicinity, not many miles away as is now often the case.

3. 20172259: 80 WHARF STREET SOUTH: Proposed demolition and construction of an 11-storey block of flats. Local Interest List. CAP objected. Ena objected on our behalf. One letter of support. The problem is that few people live around here. Following their victory over the Black

Boy this is a test of City Council resolve.

4. 20172357: FLEET HOUSE (BSS FACTORY) Proposed demolition - no redevelopment proposed. Local Interest List. CAP objected. Four other objections including Ena on our behalf and Cllr. Kitterick as Ward Councillor - so this must go to Planning Committee if City Planning recommend approval. Following their victory over the Black Boy this is yet another test of City

Council resolve.

5. 2017 AWARDS: We now have a record number of nominations. Four for Restoration and three for New Build. I suggest we see all of any one category on the same day. This will have the advantage that it will not matter if any panel members can attend one day but the not the other, they can still decide for that category. In addition, whilst keeping the 10 Feb. decision confidential until after the 17 Feb, I can compose half of the Citizen article and half the press release, whilst writing half the decision letters. Citizen needs to go to the printers on 21 Feb. but under these circumstances this is achievable. The situation is therefore:

· Restoration Nominations. Adjudication Panel to visit on Saturday 10 February:

1. Leicester Castle Great Hall for De Montfort University Business School. Grade I LB and SAM. Castle CA. Nominated by Stuart Bailey.

2. Engineering Building, University of Leicester. Grade II-star LB. Nominated by Sue Eppel.

3. 15 Portland Road by Tippetts & Brooks, Stoneygate CA. Nominated by Peter Jones.

4. Winstanley House by Mr & Mrs. N. Parmar. Grade II LB. Nominated by Gordon Goode.

· New Build Nominations. Adjudication Panel to visit on Saturday 17 February:

1. No.1 The Avenue, Stoneygate CA. Nominated by Stuart & Kate Andrews.

2. 14 Burlington Road, Stoneygate CA. Nominated by Peter Jones.

3. The Lumis Building, Southgate Street. Greyfriars CA. Nominated by Ena Martin.

I am now writing to those nominated and copying this report to the existing full panel.

6. MEMBERSHIP DRIVE: I have been invited to speak on our proposals for a Clarendon Park CA to Friends of Clarendon Park on 25 January. I shall be promoting membership with an enhanced information pack incorporating our membership forms.

I have been invited to attend the launch of Western Ward Community Enterprise on 26 January. I shall be promoting our proposals for a Western Park CA, and membership with an enhanced information pack incorporating our membership forms.

To my knowledge the Aylestone Park Newsletter has still to be published.

Gordon has authorised a new print of our membership forms in April.

7. MEDIEVAL STREETS AT CHRISTMAS: “Medieval Streets at Christmas” on 30 December was a big success with 32 walkers in fine weather. Half way round we ran into The City Mayor, who strongly advised everyone not believe anything I said!

I am still at work on the 2018 walks programme.

8. MID-WINTER MEET UP: Friday 02 February at The Globe, Silver Street. 22 bookings to date, so just over two-thirds full. Lessons learned from 2017? Last year witnessed folks trying to eat their buffet whilst answering the quiz. This year we will eat from 19.40, then the film show at 20.00 and quiz at 20.45. This will give time for folks to relax and eat whilst watching the film. Need to check all this is OK with the pub. (Time of buffet etc) Will they want advance payment as with last year? When and to whom? The IT must be checked in advance and work OK this year.

For your information:

· HERITAGE PARTNERSHIP: Next meeting Monday 29 Jan. at Winstanley House.

· GREYFRIARS THI PROJECT BOARD: Next meeting Friday 09 Feb. at City Hall.

Registered Charity No. 502932.   Member of EMACHS.   Member of the Historic Towns Forum.
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