Leicester Civic Society
Assistant Treasurer

07 March 2018

Gordon Goode our Hon. Treasurer and Membership Secretary has indicated his intention to retire at the 2019 Annual General Meeting. At the last committee meeting it was suggested that the committee could recruit an assistant treasurer to understudy Gordon for the year before his his retirement with a view to taking over when Gordon retires if they so wish.

Gordon manages the Society's finances and provides a report to the monthly committee meeting, including our PayPal account. As Gordon is unable to get to the committee meeting he has a monthly face to face meeting with Stuart our Chairman.

Should you feel able to step into the breach you can contact our Chairman or Secretary by email or phone . Their contact details are on the inside cover of each copy of the Leicester Citizen

Howard Wilkins (Hon. Secretary and Webmaster)
Registered Charity No. 502932.   Member of EMACHS.   Member of the Historic Towns Forum.
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