Leicester Civic Society
Chairman's E-newsletter April 2018 #132

10 April 2018


1. 20171911: ST. GEORGE’S CHURCHYARD: Despite being informed that this was due to return to Planning Committee on 04 April, it was not on the agenda. Next meeting 25 April. There are currently 133 objections. Let’s have a lot more please and - watch this space.

2. 20172677/2678 BSS FACTORY, LEE CIRCLE I have had discussions with the architects to seek a way forward.

3. 20180450/0562: FREEMANS COMMON: Hugely complex application by Leicester University that boils down to effect on listed buildings, destruction of protected trees, loss of many other trees and activation of the City Council Tall Buildings Strategy by virtue of buildings in excess of 9 stories in height. Also affects the setting of Welford Road Cemetery - a listed historic park or garden. Comment by 01 May. This would appear to be a more environmentally damaging application than the aspects “consulted” on by the University. All beware!

4. PUTNEY ROAD and EVESHAM ROAD LINKS: Everyone should write expressing their concerns to the City Council Consultation by 29 April. It is of little use only objecting to the Putney Road link if you live in say Clarendon Park. And it is of little use only objecting to the link across the meadows if you live on say Evesham Road. This would be exactly what the Council want you to do. (“Divide and rule”) Everyone must be prepared to object to both schemes, even though the so-called consultation is currently on the Putney Road link only.

5. TREE STRATEGY: Following recent rows over trees at Abbey Pumping Station/Riverside and Uppingham Road, I am going to add to my previous comments to the City Mayor. Leicester Mercury continue to announce final strategy to be published in May.

6. SKITTLES AT AYLESTONE: 06 April. A full house for an immensely enjoyable evening. And Leicester won!

7. 2017 AWARDS: Presentation and dinner 13 April. Bookings closed on 05 April and stand at 18 members and 24 guests. The table plan has been completed and I only hope it’s correct. Pete and I will be there to set up the exhibition as soon as possible after 6.30.

A great deal of chaos has been caused by those who cannot understand the term “booking deadline”. No less than nine booked on or just after the deadline. Five of these either still have money in the post or presumably intend to pay me tonight. What a good thing that City Rooms are so accommodating. I shall have to be stricter in future.

8. GODDARD EXHIBITION at ISKCON: 11 to 15 APRIL. Exhibition to be opened by the City Mayor at 11.00 on Wednesday 11 April. Part of a major initiative to achieve HLF funding for vitally necessary repairs to this extremely important historic building. As at tonight there are still staffing vacancies for Thursday 12 and Saturday 14. Don’t be shy.

9. GUIDED WALKS: As at tonight: 05 May “Capital of Non-Conformity” = 17 bookings. 16 June “Radical Leicester” = 4 bookings. Get those leaflets out!

10. SHROPSHIRE TOUR: 12 May. A runaway success. Within less than three weeks the coach had filled, and I ordered a larger one. As at tonight 31 bookings. There are only 8 empty seats left to fill. Get busy!

11. INSTITUTE OF HISTORIC BUILDINGS CONSERVATION: Before Christmas I was invited to submit an article for the Institute’s Journal “Context” on the subject of Civic Society involvement in the creation of a new Local Interest List for Leicester. This has now been published (attached) and will hopefully enhance the standing of historic buildings conservation in the city, making it increasingly difficult for applications that countenance destruction of LIL buildings to succeed.

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