Leicester Civic Society
An email from Stuart's sister

22 June 2018

Please pass on our familyís thanks for all the cards, kind words and thoughts following Stuartís sudden and unexpected passing away. We have really struggled to come to terms with our loss.

Stuartís funeral will take place near his home in Loughborough. There will be a short, secular service at Loughborough crematorium at 11am on Tuesday July 3rd. Guests will then retire to the Cedars Hotel opposite for drinks and light refreshment while the immediate family travel with Stuart to his natural burial. The family will then rejoin guests at the hotel. 

We are inviting one representative from 2 or 3 organisations that Stuart was part of to speak in the service to reflect that part of his life. Each speaker would be restricted to 2 or 3 minutes. If anyone from the Civic Society feels they would like to do that, we would be really grateful. We would then put that person in touch with the funeral co-ordinator to balance the order of service. 

To follow, within a few weeks,  we are planning to hold a memorial event in the City of Leicester to give everyone the opportunity to celebrate Stuartís life. Further information on that to follow when we have secured a venue.

Please pass on this information to all concerned. Thank you for your support.

Sue (Foulkes) on behalf of all the family.
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